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Stuart Pound
Henna Riikka Halonen

In order to carry on the state of mind of the ALTERED STATES programme, Stuart Pound has chosen to present his film Run together with Henna-Riikka Halonen’s film, The Vessel. 

Stuart Pound

Run, 2013, 5 mn

A fragment taken from an well regarded Science Fiction film is changed into a semi-abstract experience in which the world is literally turned on its side.  Run uses techniques similar to Chase (online programme ALTERED STATES).  The source clip is from a cult science fiction film, and it is turned on its side five times over with a slight time delay.  As Chase the audio track is cut along with the moving image.  Most of the work is high contrast black and white, reverting to the original greenish tint at the end.  SP


Henna-Riikka Halonen

The Vessel, It’s all gone Mushroom Shaped and then to Dust, 2014, 8 mn 38

The Vessel, It’s all gone Mushroom shaped and then to Dust asks us to consider the changing nature of our relationship to objects and words in a world where ongoing transformation from material and physical to virtual and body to image are taking place and where the mantra there is no alternative is being continuously repeated.

This fictional short film shows an androgynous character, played by a transgender model VJ Ruuska, and her journey and transformation in an empty modernist watertower in Finland that will be demolished in a near future by pulverising. H-RH


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