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Simulations, interpretations and role-playing are the strategies captured and invented by Paul Heintz and Liv Schulmann to replace the lack of work. Floating, transitory, fictional areas  before finding their social identification and defining a re-description.

Paul Heintz

Non contractuel

2015, 16 mn 23
Production : Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains 

Non contractual is a film in which jobless people pretend to be working. They carry out their simulations of  professional tasks at Autodis, a virtual company selling cars with flesh and blood employees. This educationally-oriented business re-qualifies long-term unemployed persons who come and spend some time in it. There are meetings, schedules, documents, and goals. But everything is simulated, the pay is not real and the cars do not exist. The film is intended as an ironical portrait of work, working conditions, and society. PH

Liv Schulman 

Assemblée Générale

2016, 37 mn

Production : Post diplôme Lyon 

In a factory making helium balloons which has been retrieved by its workers, there lives a group of people who have lost their personal identities, ands for whom all that remains is the group as a work entity. The characters are sitting in a circle, having remained forever in an Annual General Meeting, and live in constant union conflict. It is not certain that the balloon factory will continue to exist in the real world, and they spend their time making strange balloons, vaguely sexual skin-coloured forms which they throw into a swimming pool. All the dialogues come one after the other and are interchangeable. They can be appropriated by anyone coming into the circle. Shot in Lyon with a group of amateur and professional actors, this project focuses on the interchangeability of words and their transformative nature. LS

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