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Louise Hémon & Émilie Rousset's online series

The first three episodes of "RITUELS" were selected in 2018 in the Space Series of Artists of the festival Séries Mania in Lille, as part of a partnership between Séries Mania, Saison Vidéo and Le Fresnoy

The directors Emilie Rousset and Louise Hémon have joined forces to create a collection of short films and performances which explore the rules and customs of our society’s symbolic events. They result from discussions in reality, as documentary material, and are then re-staged in successive layers, and create an interference between stage presence and digital presence, imagination and document.

The writing is based on the postulate that the natural factor of language is a construct, that the true and the false are dovetailed in a continuous flow from reality to fiction. A shift which includes its non-transferable share of wit, an all-out slide towards a form of documentary comedy.


The “Rituels” series is a work with several courses. It is a film work in which each episode can be shown separately. It is also an evolving series that can be screened in the form of an installation, and it is live performances which are enacted as overtures and in parallel with films. This project, both in its writing and in its performance, is placed deliberately between the performing arts and the visual arts. In every episode are developed new directing challenges, and a new performer appears and deals with the continuity. The series summons both the idea of the serial and the catalogue, like Raymond Queneau and Pierre Kast’s mischievous project involving a filmed encyclopaedia, made for the ORTF (1952).

RITUEL 1 : L’ANNIVERSAIRE, 2015, 15 min.

With Perle Palombe

This episode appropriates this rite of passage that involves all ages, in the light of its contemporary merchandising.

RITUEL 2 : LE VOTE, 2016, 15 min.

With Manuel Vallade

This episode delves into the rules and regulations which govern the gestures of a Sunday when people vote.

RITUEL 3 : LE BAPTÊME DE MER, 2017, 15 min.

With Julia Perazzini & Olivier Normand

This episode explores the sea world and the rituals and superstitions of navigation.

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