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Using two writings, one by Karl Marx, the other by Christophe Tarkos, which discuss the power of money, Valérie Bert and Etienne de Massy appropriate their narratives.  Valérie Bert gets two actresses to perform using a tone of decorum and Etienne de Massy proceeds to make a visual montage accompanied by a reciting voice-over. 

Valérie Bert

L’AUTRE, 2014, 19 mn 56

With Elina Löwensohnet and Douce Mirabaud

This film is based on a text by Karl Marx, coming from the 1844 Manuscripts [The Power of Money in Bourgeois Society].  The unusual, colourful and literary nature of this writing made me want to hear it, lend an ear to this text which in the end questions the issue of money and veers towards the question of love.  Through this film, I wanted to think about the question:  “How can thought be filmed?”. VB


Etienne de Massy

L’ARGENT, 2012, 10 mn

A video inspired by Christophe Tarkos’s L’Argent/Money.  I do not have the impression of having found this text by Christophe Tarkos.  It is the text which found me.  First and foremost, I was struck by the poem’s title:  L’argent/ Money.  I recall the strange moment when I opened the book.  It is as if I had found in it a way of talking about what I was not managing to name:  the lack of understanding that I had in the face of this phenomenon of money.  The structuring was subsequently very quick.  Tarkos himself regarded this text as an unfinished work—he had incidentally sent it to several poet friends, asking them to re-work it.  That is what I have done.  EdM.


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