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Fata Morgana

Nighttime appearances, orchestrated disappearances, ostracizations, dreams of apparition; fragile and unusual characters pass through the following films.

Annabelle Amoros

La maison des lilas, 2016, 17 mn 30

Thought out, filmed and edited like a dream, Lila's House offers a fantastic and surreal vision, where logic and narrative structure are bent to encourage unconsciousness and intuition. AA

Ludivine Large Bessette

Drop Out Bodies, 2017, 17 mn 13

Projection : LA.C Project, H.A.N.D

In the silence and monotony of a suburban residence, men and women standing in front of their homes start to fall down in a random and irrevocable way. From the discovery of the transfixed actors to their choreographed collapses, the film questions the fatality of the human body as well as our day and age and our individual and collective responsibilities, by way of a contemporary re-interpretation of macabre mediaeval dances. LLB

Tommaso Donati

Dormant, 2016, 18 mn

A man and a woman living on the margins of society move and meet between urban and natural spaces, seeking a forgotten freedom and trying to stay awake. TD

Chloé Silbano

Les Charges, 2016, 2 mn

A cashier leans on her scales, with her elbows, and then slumps. Her work tool relieves her tiredness. The scene leapt out at me during my usual shopping session at the supermarket. It was a gesture of little importance which I wanted to point out and underscore. At that particular moment, there was endless talk of accusations in the political debate. When you think of the choice of the term and of what it encompasses as reality: it is not the weight, it is the charges, it is not people, it is bodies. The pirouette of the second sequence amused me. What is involved there is turning over a set of scales so that it can display its own weight. CS

Robin Labriaud

Au delà du ciel gris, 2017, 17 mn 17

Production Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains

Pauline, a young woman, has to give a piano lesson, but suddenly she is swept away by death. A guide, a drone, picks her up and guides her. In creating this fiction, I wanted the spectator to be able to “follow” a person who passes into the hereafter. I wanted to confront him with time, so that he may appreciate, look at, and explore the image that I have filmed. I wanted to deal with that itinerary, that journey in a very poetic way. The images that I had in mind for that ascension were something like a visual poem. RL

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