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How to inhabit a space through dreams? Using a realistic treatment with breakthroughs of colourful forms and inclusions, or by inventing from scratch a dance on the sand left by the tide.

Gregg Smith

Being Watched, 2017, 12 mn

During the past two years I filmed continually in and around the address where I live in the 19th arrondissement in Paris. « Being Watched » examines the awkward place of desire in an era where our point of contact with reality has become so slight, accelerated and frequently deceived. How do we negotiate the borders of those around us? This project involved much improvisation in the working process. « Being Watched » focuses on the ambiences and sounds of this space and the interaction of my voice with these elements. This work was partly inspired by the film of a master class by the pianist and orchestra conductor, Alfred Cortot (1867 – 1962). In this film, Cortot, renowned for his interpretations of the Romantic composers, simultaneously plays and comments on « The Poet Speaks », by Schumann. GS

Virginie Barré

Le rêve géométrique, 2017, 13 mn

Production : Les 48°Rugissants et 36secondes

Music : Pierre Lucas

A child falls asleep on the beach. She dreams she is flying. She sees herself from above, dressed up in a costume, walking with two other children. They are walking along a small path. But she carries on floating, moving as free as a bird, and discovers other costumed people handling coloured shapes. Between land and sea, colourful, geometric forms are busy on the beach. So many characters organized in groups or together, whose dance seems to respond to a higher being. There thus gradually comes into being a succession of offbeat, graphic pictures, like the pieces of a jigsaw, which fit together until they re-draw the contours of the landscape and its strange and brightly coloured population. VB

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