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America is more than a delimited territory made up of States more or less situated on a map, by those aspiring to it; it is the place of all our fantasized desires, and more or less developed projects. And lying to the west of Europe, its geographical proximity is incarnated in something literally “opposite”. The available imagination of the future promising “things lying ahead” adapts to the presence of the Atlantic Ocean which separates.

Charlotte Vitaioli et Joachim Monvoisin

Le chant des corbeaux

2016, 23 mn

Production : 36secondes / Youpi Banga / IdeaLuv

Le chant des corbeaux is a motorbike trip which, in broaching the issue of the Road Movie, makes the notion of outlet ubiquitous. Unfolding in an undefined space-time context, this experimental auto-fiction borrows from Spaghetti Westerns and from the aesthetic of the Gothic film. In a snowy no-man’s-land, a young woman grappling with a strange mission, swaps suitcases. On the road, she meets a man on a motorbike, who turns out to be involved in her quest. Chased by a murky vehicle, the characters are swept off in an endless journey. CV and JM

Darielle Tillon


2016, 44 mn

Production : Les films de l’heure bleue

L’Amérique est un film où se mêlent mode documentaire et fiction, fantastique et « réalité » brute. C’est une traversée, où il est question de cheminement, d’hypothétiques voyages, de l’ici et de l’ailleurs. Le point de départ: des étudiants ivres, le jeudi soir à Rennes. DT

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