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Nino Laisné’s En presence and Gérard Cairaschi’s Immagine develop forms of strangeness. Traces of religious reminiscences: the Annunciation for the former, and the story of Eve for the latter are pretexts for sowing confusion between what can be described and what cannot be described.

Nino Laisné

En présence (piedad silenciosa)

2013, 8 mn 14

On the stage of an auditorium, a singer with a disturbing voice starts singing a Venezuelan tonada, accompanied by a theorbo and a baroque guitar, looking out at an empty house. A door discreetly opens at the top of the stalls. The trio then performs “la embarazada del viento”, a traditional song about the mysterious pregnancy of a teenage girl.

To start with there is la embarazada del viento, that traditional song from Margarita Island, off the coast of Venezuela. I’ve been listening to it since I was ten, and I immediately noticed the strange potential of those words, a kind of Annunciation, in a folkloric version.  I’m very interested in religious reminiscences in traditional music.  During a residency at Pollen in 2010, I started to write a project based on this music.  I had long wanted to film musicians, and it seemed to me that this text echoed a certain confusion already present in my work.  With this project, I was keen to capture the disorder which may be caused by listening to a piece of music.  NL

Gérard Cairaschi 


2015, 9 mn 14

The video Immagine is the story of Eve and the forbidden fruit. The first of many stories of the Old Testament in which food is involved. A religion story wich takes cultures and immemorial traditions texts and evokes two wonderful trees whose fruits are able to give knowledge and immortality. Cautionary tale, common to all religions, which sets scenes constant and unfailing links between religion and food, between food and prohibits, between prohibited and transgression, between transgression and punishment. The use of secrecy, mystery, dogma, and the divine law by religions. A human  construction of a system of obstruction against the legitimate hunger for knowledge and freedom. GC

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