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Ariane Michel has chosen the film Roll On Roll Off, 2011, directed by Marie Reinert, to resonate with hers, which is titled Le Dernier Voyage/The Last Journey.

Ariane Michel

Le Dernier Voyage, 2013, 24 mn

with Dominique Mahut

Production : Musée Eclaté de la Presqu’île de Caen

Somewhere between earth and sea, a man rising up from the ground comes upon two abandoned containers.  Armed with what he finds on the spot, he attempts to make an acoustic communication with steel beasts.  Faced with two “last journey” containers-whose life spent transporting things is over-, I invited Dominique Mahut to lend me his hands so that, together, we could invent for them a new story where they would be the characters.  So that their presence in the inert and incongruous landscape can come to life and acquire a coherence.  It literally creates a swansong for them.  AM


Marie Reinert

Roll On Roll Off, 2011, 24 mn

Coproduction : Marfret, Mécènes du Sud, Frac Paca, MP 2013. Soutien : CNAP (allocation de recherche) et de la Drac Paca

A video made during a residency on a merchant ship between Marseille and Algiers.  Roll On Roll Off explores the bowels of the ship, examines the solid and void of this naval architecture, constricting the bodies of the sailors and those of the warehousemen.  The recording of this space, made in a fragmentary manner, creates a distortion of references and extends this logic of abstraction and fragmented spaces peculiar to the world of just-in-time flows.  MR


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