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Sabina Jacobsson

The collectors, 2016, 17 mn

Los Angeles, its clichés and the fantasies it arouses with, as a recurrent feature, the swimming pool.  Sabina Jacobsson’s film re-visits David Hockney’s paintings from the period 1965-1972, and his emblematic and sophisticated characters, in dream homes.  In Pierre Pauze’s film, a strange institute proposes to rely on the memory of water in order to maintain its everlasting usefulness and have access to eternal life.  In his clip, with Abraham Murder drawing inspiration from the video game Les Sims3, there is an enduring image of the wild party with its magnificent bodies and its amazing cars, invariably happening around the inevitable pool.  

The collectors is a shortfilm project based on paintings by David Hockney in the period 1965-1972. The film also touches his theories on the secret knowledge of our old masters from his book in 2001, 2006. "Rediscovering the Lost Techniques of the Old Masters". SJ

"The Collectors distinguishes itself by creating an aesthetic experience for the viewer, located at the intersection of "moving image" and painting. The work is titled The Collectors, taken from a painting by David Hockney, and thus refers both to collectors as a factor and players in the art world, and the framework for the formal artistic study." Jacob Jessen

Pierre Pauze

Laxt Memory, 2017, 26 mn

An institute proposes a meta-experience involving virtual reality, based on the properties of the memory of water.  The DNA of a subject is coded and transferred into a clone of its image.  The “experiencer” is invited to become involved in a made-to-measure setting, by way of an avatar, an augmented version of himself.  Still at an experimental stage in the project, the institute proposes that some volunteers implement a test version of the programme, which may involve certain cognitive risks.  Théo Colbert, the first guinea pig in this experiment, chooses a luxurious villa in Los Angeles as his playground.  PP

Abraham Murder

Random Perspectives (Music Video), 2017, 3 mn

Production : Igor Keltchewsky

In this clip, we follow Abraham Murder to the peak of his glory, surrounded by sculpted bodies and sports cars during a party around a pool.  Presented in the video game Les Sims3, the video is constructed in relation to the recurrent elements in clips ranging from the 1980s to the present day.  Abraham Murder is the Cold-Pop project of the artist Igor Keltchewsky.  Abraham Murder, who has been around since 2014, is broached as a multi-faceted concept in which each part (music, animation, video games, exhibitions…) can be seen as much in its individuality as like a coherent and inseparable ensemble.  IK

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