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Lauren Toril and Giulia Grossmann pursue this quest to explore territories. Acoustic captures of a satellite dish whose shape blurs the grasp of time, for the first, and the recital of a poem which soars over the unfolding of a landscape stripped of human intervention, for the second, in both cases the physical presences and surveys are duplicated by sensory approaches. Valéry Grancher plunges us into this unknown world of exploration of the planet Saturn, a dizzy-making journey in which the machine replaces human presence. Here again, the perception of the image and sound cannot be separated.

Giulia Grossmann

Proxima B, 2017, 15 mn


As a contemplative exploration in a desolate nature seeming to come from a new world, this film confronts the landscape with music and poetry. We cross glaciers and lava fields in a forming world, preserved from all human activity. GG

Lauren Toril

En libre suspens, 2016, 17 min 42


En libre suspens is a video written by its sound track, filmed and directed in situ at the Pole Phenix, in Pleumeur-Bodou, Brittany. The fiction, broached like a new translation of the experience of the site, proposes to broaden our auditive perception of space through the use of “Big Ears”. Here, a satellite dish for capturing lunar noises and an electronic stethoscope revealing the presence of the character through its intimate noises. LT

Valéry Grancher

ASMR, Saturn, 2017, 5 mn 17

Capture d’écran 2017-09-24 à

The images are a time lapse of Cassini space probe 8 years journey around Saturn Planet (Over 300 000 photos !). It’s a kind of oniric space journey on a visual level by dealing at the same time with a sound effect to reach a kind of ASMR phenomenon bringing a kind of neural joy : « autonomous sensory meridian response » is described by some of those susceptible to it as « akin to a mild electrical current in the brain… or the carbonated bubbles in a glass of champagne ». This production is linked to my Somewhere sometimes project dedicated to Titan Moon, initiated on 1997. VG

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