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Lucie Pannetrat

Lucie Pannetrat

Bise, 2018, 6 min

Avec le soutien de l’ENSBA Lyon

Avec Guillem Du Fayet, Marc Gros, Ophélia Lorens, Florian Salaty

In the summer, by water, young people get ready to dive in, but the birds are an ill omen. This short metaphorical tale describes my fear of freedom and is a pretext for creating images. Filming bodies, their presence on-screen, filming the Other whom I am trying to reach, and who intrigues like another version of me. Limited sets and means. It does not take much to give rise to an image, and I like being happy with images. I like the image to be sketched out to show its fallibility. LP

Pauline Lavogez

Pauline Lavogez

DE LA DOUCEUR II, recherche pour 7 interprètes, 2019, 10

Interprètes : Alice Clabaut, Alice Nikolaeva, Blanche Jandin, Alexis Frammery, Pierre Houdayer, Raphaël Massart, Théo Médina 

Création musicale : Sacrifice seul 

It seemed necessary to me to put the “DE LA DOUCEUR” duet in a wider and more universal context. The couple, which is a social construct adopted by most people, cannot exist by and for itself. In order to experiment with that other set than just the two of them, the group has become something I need. I wanted to give visibility to what enables the couple to exist and endure, and, on the other hand, what mistreats it. So a new act of “DE LA DOUCEUR” has come into being. “DE LA DOUCEUR II” has enabled me to deal with the workings, constructs and alliances which underpin us in a love affair, within the couple or outside it. PL

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