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Shahram Entekhabi


Sharam Entekhabi, Breakfast with Dinosaurs, 2018, 40 min

Breakfast with Dinosaurs is focused on a social dimension: living in a megapolis city, Tehran and the different social manifestations of the contemporary Iranian society. The film shows the binary opposition of “inside” and “outside” life; The contrast between the inner life inside private homes/empty spaces and the restless fast and crowded awareness of the outer space. It uses the conversations/interviews with the taxi drivers in the city as a link or an intermediate stage between these two entities.(It is very common for private cars to take passengers along the way to be able to survive in Tehran.) These conversations/ true stories are brought into play as a way of “mapping” the city, based on the life experiences of the chauffeurs.


Taxi drivers, reliable barometers for the average Iranian as they include everyone from professional working class drivers to the highly educated unemployed, and moonlighting office workers, continue to offer wisdom on everything from the political situation to social ills and the state of the economy.

to the film.


Born in Beroujerd, Iran, lives and works in Berlin , Studied graphic-design at the University of Teheran, Iran , Studied architecture, urbanism.

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