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Salma Cheddadi

Le principe d'Incertitude

PrincipeIncertitude_2 copie.jpeg

« Le Principe d’Incertitude », 2018, 20 min

Production : Le GREC with the help of CNC and the SACEM

Jara’s hypersensitivity causes him to perceive other possibilities and gradually pushes her away from Thor. To try to slow down the erosion of their relationship, they consult a doctor, a doctor in philosophy and particle astrophysics, to try to understand together where these parallel universes are and how to manage this ubiquity. SC

Aurelien Barrau, particule astrofhysics, plays his rule


Salma Cheddadi research focuses on the encounter and the desire that she polarizes around her “models” by highlighting the relationships between the filmmaker and the person filmed, between this one and his environment.


Her films shake up the stakes of the narrative by playing on the ambiguities of the cinematographic “presence”: she questions and stages the unconscious associations, quantum vibrations or animal reminiscences that inhabit her models.


After graduating from the National School of Arts of Paris-Cergy with the Congratulations of the Jury in 2008, she joined the artist residency of the Lobot Gallery in San Francisco to make the film “13 steps to leave”. Since then, other films have followed, they constitute the bulk of his work and have been shown in various exhibitions and festivals in France and abroad, in particular at Hors Piste (Center Pompidou), Côté Court (Ciné 104), Espace Croisé, Marian Goodman Gallery, Loop Barcelona, Cristina Guerra Gallery (Lisbon), the Cent Quatre, etc ...


Salma Cheddadi was born in Casablanca in 1984. She lives and works in Paris.

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