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Pauline Pastry

Pauline Pastry
La limite élastique, « The stretching limit », 2017, 14 min 37 

Avec le soutien de l'ENSAD (Ecole nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs), Paris

As my father was a worker, the terms of productivity, deindustrialization, efficiency and maintenance were present every day. He uses me as an interpreter, as a model for this working-class figure in a period of industrial in-between, between the banalization of robotization and the maintenance of work on the chain. What will happen after my father? What will be the place of the human body in the industry of tomorrow? The body subjected to repetitive work can also, like a material, reach its limit, break and not regain its original form. P.P.

Baptiste Bogaert et Noëlle Bastin

Baptiste Bogaert et Noëlle Bastin

« Veille », 2020, 19 min

Production : Les films de la mine

Since 202*, all Belgian citizens are legally bound to film themselves 24/7. The VEILLE/MONITORING company is responsible for verifying these images. One day in 202*, between 12h03 and 12h22, the daily lives of a watchman and his human flock cross paths.

VEILLE introduces a surveillance company which we discover through the daily round of a watchman responsible for detecting accidents and domestic offences, using technologies which recognize facies, objects and activities. To this end, everyone must constantly film themselves in their own home for preventive purposes, so that their private sphere is secure. BB and NB

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