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Julie Vacher

BRÂME - La vie primitive qui habite les ombres

2015, 11 mn 41

As a portrait of a forest and its occupants, Brâme [Bell] is like a pretext for rummaging through shadows.  The acoustic manipulations of animal cries offer glimpses of an experience of the outside world subjected to an inner and silent call.  The characters are filmed while they are looking for the stag, and are caught in a triangle of gazes, animal-filmer-filmed, which invites us to question the correlation between seeing and being seen.  JV

Dimitri Robert


2013, 6 mn 37

From the ring formed by the echo of the sound wave to the fact of being “stunned”, obviously by way of the boxing arena, the many meanings of the word ring here find their full sense. The sonic crescendo made by the skipping rope striking the floor and the yells of rage of the sweating boxers draws us close to the fight. The enduring body struggles with the echo.  JV

Clément Cogitore

Scènes de Chasse 

2010, 10 mn

En forêt, le long de l’Autriche, à la frontière avec la Hongrie et la Slovaquie. Des miradors, qui servaient au contrôle des frontières, ont été vendus à des locaux adeptes des bois. Pourtant, agitées, les bribes de communications radios émergent du paysage et susurrent l’histoire du lieu. Une menace tapie dans le brouillard trouble le regard et nous transporte bien loin d’une partie de chasse. JV

Clara Blein-Renaudot et Anne Marchal

La chasse au Rhinocéros

2010, 10 mn

A group of human beings moves through a rocky landscape. While the mythical animal is announced, the roles are re-cast: people like curious beasts, a fantasized quest, a shifted frame. The experimentation can be grasped in the sound work, but also in the self-consciousness in relation to the environment.  JV

Dominik Ritszel


2015, 14 mn 30

Disappearing.  Blending into the environment. Escaping from the eye of an ever more invasive technology. Reverb highlights an urban camouflage and its characteristics: hood, car, underground places, peripheral zones. All so many sources of sounds which document the city.  JV

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