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Rémi Bassaler - Diane Sara Bouzgarrou

Rémi Bassaler, Un rêve chinois, 2017, 30 mn

La Fémis, Natacha Le Véo

In a Beijing suburb, a community of Mongols looks after a Chinese millionaire’s racehorses. Time seems frozen, between repetitive tasks and dreams of going home to Mongolia. But behind the stud farm’s walls, China is pursuing its metamorphosis at full gallop.
This documentary was made during a two months exchange between La Fémis and the Beijing Film Academy. RB

Diane Sara Bouzgarrou, Le Dernier, 2013, 25 mn

Le Dernier / (The Last One) is a film all on its own in my filmography, and the one in which I decided to exclude myself in favour of fiction, to tell the tale of a man who knows that he is dying and goes looking for a refuge for his horse. Le Dernier / (The Last One) is nevertheless informed by the themes which run through all my film work: the experience of solitude, a sense of inner exile, the body struggling to survive and roaming around on the edge of the world of the dead. Here I decided to explore a different visual world, drawing inspiration from the great Russian masters, and a cinema driven by silence, in which a deep solitude wells up in those vast deserted spaces. DSB

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