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Virusland 2020, 2022, 52 min
Production Irrévérence Films, CNC dicream, avec le soutien image/mouvement du Cnap

Virusland 2020 is an imaginary chronicle documenting the development of a form of life subjected to virality.

Virusland does not refer to a region of the globe but to a form of life. It reaches us by contagion. Geographical contagion, from one region to another, and metaphysical contagion, from fiction to reality.


The virus has changed our habits, the duration of our walks, our gestures. It has reconfigured our relationships with one another and the relationship of each of us to his or her body. It has also touched the mental sphere, and shifted what we consider as normal and abnormal, moral and immoral.

Interview with Mo Gourmelon :

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