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Giulia Grossmann

Là où les dieux nous touchent

2015, 32 mn 16

French Kiss Production

Loosely based on the anthropological work of Vincent Basset 

With the support of the workshop 105, Light Cone

This film traces a spiritual quest between two sacred mountains. In tandem with the quest for spirituality among the inhabitants of Bugarach, inspired by neo-shamanistic rituals, and the daily life of Huichol Indians, confronted by mystical tourism, a line of thinking about two ends of the world is sketched out. One occurring on 21 December 2012 at Bugarach, with tremendous media coverage, and one against which the Huichol are fighting, because their holy place of pilgrimage is being threatened by a project to open up some Canadian mines, a project that is not being much talked about. A journey which draws a portrait of a contemporary phenomenon of  spiritual and ritual hybridization, against a backdrop of an apocalyptic climate.

Ivan Argote

The Messengers

2015, 30 mn

Réalisé avec l'aide des Audits Talents Awards

Production Iván Argote, Carolina Olivares - CO producciones

Gaby and Blaine are two young americans with a special political and intellectual background, wandering in the middle of two small “historical” towns, one in Colombia (Mompox) and the other one in the south of Spain (Arcos de la Frontera). History, politics, voices, folklore, landscapes and architectures, creates a complex atmosphere for this conversation that balances in between philosophical and personal statements. The friction in between colonisation and post-colonisation, cultural influences, tradition and contemporary culture, creates an oneiric narrative in which Gaby and Blaine seem to be lost, revealing an image of our own fragility as political and ethical entities. IA

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