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Sabina Jacobsson

Hammars, a place on Fårö

Hammars, a place on Fårö

Vidéo, 2020, 14 min

During a residency in July 2019 at The Bergman Estate on Fårö, Sabina Jacobsson documented the surroundings at Hammars, the house Ingmar Bergman built in 1967 to live and die in. Sabina Jacobsson has spent several weeks every summer for over 30 years on Fårö without having permission to visit Hammars. This is the first time she was granted the opportunity to enter his private estate.

Sabina Jacobsson is a film, photo, drawings and installation artist.
She graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in Trondheim Norway 2000. Sabina Jacobsson has had several exhibitions/screenings in Norway and abroad. She is looking for new links between idea and technique where the spontaneous and unpredictable play together with the conceptual. She experiments with methods both in terms of direction on film and with analog techniques such as drawing and sculpture.

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