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Thomas Portier & Manon Riet

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Just an illusion

Vidéo, 2019, 23 min 33

Marie O’Donovan tracks down on the Irish south coast the appearance of a Fata Morgana, a mirage perceptible when layers of cold air and hot air superimposed on the surface of the sea. She has equipped herself over the years, contemplates the sea for hours and watches the boats. Just an illusion is a short film that borrows the codes of the documentary and that we wrote and directed during the A GUEST + A HOST = A GHOST residency in Cork, Ireland in September / October 2019. Actress Marie O’Donovan interprets our quest for this aesthetic experience, the appearance of mirage.


Manon Riet and Thomas Portier have been working together since 2017.


Our work as a duo began with a desire to confront the similarities and differences that cross our personal productions in order to go beyond them and put them back into play. Our working protocol quickly became a ping-pong game without winner or loser. Moving from the position of assistant, author, coauthor, our degree of involvement in the production of our pieces becomes more and more blurred. The work of one infuses the work of the other and vice versa.


Thomas Portier and Manon Riet



Born in 1989 and 1991, Thomas Portier and Manon Riet obtained their DNSEP in 2016 at the EESAB Rennes site

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