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Confinement #1
Adel Cersaque
Antonio Zuluaga
Mehryl Levisse

Adel Cersaque, Giant’s Yard 2017 Featurette, 2017

Giant’s yard 2017 Featurette presents seven visitors invited as a test public to a public institution in the process of being launched: Giant’s Yard. Questioned in front of the camera, these characters will, one after the other, offer their opinions. AC

Antonio Zuluaga, That Day, I Thought I Was Awake, 2014

That Day, I Thought I Was Awake is a fictional documentary which takes as its initial subject political and social issues connected with the Colombian context. The result flirts with the world of painting through the treatment of light, and the more or less distinct images represent a back-and-forth between the abstract and the figurative. AZ.

Mehryl Levisse, Réalité, 2016

In an already well-ensconced routine, the character begins his day by putting on a completely knitted jumpsuit. This duplication of a domestic closed room will guide him throughout his daily activities: reading, eating, cleaning, sweeping. Grégory Miras.

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