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Chloé Galibert-Laîné


« The kings of the Meaning et le Pebble », 2016, 10 min 18

With Benoît Lambert, Géraldine Pochon and Louise Tourancheau

After seeing the film «Watching the Detectives» by Chris Kennedy, a researcher retraces the manhunt carried out on the forum after the 2013 terrorist attacks in Boston. Examining newspaper excerpts from the time as well as fictional reinterpretations of events, she compares the ways in which FBI agents, journalists and Internet users analyzed the mass of amateur images that led to the identification of terrorists. As she lets herself be fascinated by the spectacle of the confrontation between their different forms of expertise and authority, she herself gradually loses sight of the gap between what the images really show, and what she wants to see in them.

When we see someone explaining what an image shows, how do we assess the legitimacy of their observations? What presuppositions, what tacit ideologies reveal our unquestioned confidence in certain media, and our intuitive suspicion towards others?

Chloé Galibert-Laîné is a researcher and film maker, currently in post-doctorate at the University of Art and Design of Lucerne in Switzerland. Her work explores the intersections between cinema and new online media, with a particular interest in questions related to artistic appropriation, spectator memory and the production of knowledge.

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