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Capucine Vever

La relève

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Capucine Vever, La relève (The succession), 2019, 15 min

“La relève” (The sucession) is a beautiful title, to which we should pay attention from the outset. Change at work literally is the act of replacing a person or a team in a task that can never stop. And even less to fail. It is based on a notebook of communications, informations that must be taken into account in the resolution and the entanglement of current events. Good or bad news. Flat or stormy sea. Capucine Vever, guest in residence at the semaphore in Ouessant, by the Finis Terrae association, is aware that with the automation of the lighthouses, the keeper, the keeper function has disappeared. What happened to written and verbal instructions? Faced with this disappearance, the artist invents a reincarnation, not that of the lighthouse keeper, but that of a lighthouse keeper woman. Can she really have existed? The artist positions herself frontally with the Atlantic Ocean and invents this role of guardian, embodying it herself through the timbre of her voice. A radio voice, faceless. It is by using the techniques of the most sophisticated tracking and tracing tools that she fills the void in front of her. She sees nothing. The heavy traffic does take place, however, in the distance, beyond the horizon line, out of sight. She echoes an offscreen onscreen. She stores data from worrying globalized traffic. MG


Capucine Vever is developing contextual work focusing on the notion of the invisible, the unattainable and the imperceptible. Be it geographical, social and / or cultural, the territory is central to his artistic approach. Her practice attempts to engage in a poetic relationship by exploiting the narrative potential of each space. His works proceed through collages, analogies, permanent friction between reality and fiction, scientific research and narration, cartography and legend, displacement and immobility.


Born in 1986, Capucine Vever obtained her DNESP at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Art de Paris-Cergy

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