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The colour blue which subtracts and equalizes, the colour of dreams and dramas.  Blue, too, like “Ohio Blue Tip” matches which the young bus-driver called Paterson sings the praises of, searching for poetic words, and seeing how to change his daily round by getting away from it. Jim Jarmusch has named his latest film, Paterson, after the city in New Jersey, which might be described as a poets’ city, where, in particular, William Carlos Williams and Allen Ginsberg both lived.

Giulia Grossmann

Blue Stag

2016, 11 mn

French Kiss Production avec le soutien de Light Cone

Every year, the Huichol, one of Mexico’s oldest Indian ethnic groups, makes a pilgrimage into the desert which, in their mythology, represents the home of the Gods. They go looking for peyotl, a cactus which contains a powerful hallucinogen used for celebrating ritual ceremonies and communication with their deity: the blue stag. GG

Olivier Jonvaux

Mein Blue

2015, 9 mn 11

Mein Blue is the interpretation of a dream in which indoor furniture ends up in a goods wagon bound for an unknown destination. Through the reproduction of my studio in the Kulturbunker in Frankfurt, the film compiles a series of physical variations connected with motion in a virtual world. The contrast with static images reveals this visual paradox through a blue filter, in a status that is at once sculptural and oneiric. OJ

Anne-Charlotte Finel

La crue

2016, 6 mn 32

At nightfall, the camera struggles to capture the movements of water. The image flutters, the grain covers it, and the waters change. The eye tries to recognize the filmed object; it is in the end grabbed by the undulations, then lets itself by taken off on a hypnotic journey. A-CF

Oh Eun Lee


2015, 13 mn 54

Sawol means April in Korean. In April 2014, a ferry sank. A person watched the image of the shipwreck. The story unfolds in a apartment in synthetic, black and white images, with real colour shots coming from the Internet.

A person who cannot do otherwise. Between the desire to tell a story and the impossibility of doing so, between the need to formalize the deny that form, between letting oneself by transported by the power of creation and controlling the rigour of the execution, the artist maintains the paradox that comes into being in the work, which disturbs this work and pokes fun at it, as well nurturing the work. I tell the stories in an invisible but audible body. The field is empty at first glance, probably not with another eye. OEL

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